How to find the best academic books about manga and anime

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When the buzz around the anime manga and the anime subculture deepens more books about subjects being published. Do you want to learn more about culture to enrich your hobby or write academic work or articles, the number of books available can be proven constructive for you. However, because manga and anime come from the realm of popular culture, not all books written about them are equally valuable or informative enough to be considered constructive. As in all popular media cases, the risk of meeting a book full of feathers and less in high useful content. Here are some criteria that will help you find the best academic books about anime and manga:

Check the author

The most reliable books are always written by experts. The โดจิน first step after selecting the subject and served with a list of books is to check the authors’ history. Does a book written by a professor or lecturer? If not, he has a history of working in the manga industry or anime? The importance of the author’s background must not be taken lightly. Learn from, and then quote, people who are knowledgeable about each subject are always preferred. Avoid books written by casual magazines, news groups or fans. This tends to be shallow and does not have relevant quotes to support their claims.

Avoid “picture books”

If possible, always return through the book to see how the layout and written content appear. Some books about anime and manga are quite informative but images are heavy. The books filled with bream with pictures at the expense of the text will most likely not give you enough information and can prove counterproductive.

Buy special encyclopedia

The only exception to the above rules is encyclopedia. There is an encyclopedia made specifically to serve anime fans, manga and otaku. They often analyze certain products / phenomena while also providing images. Encyclopedias usually do not offer more than one or two pages on each subject but it is very good to find a new subject and issue the scope of your research. They are also often coupled with rare interviews and will always have a quote. They are your reference book and will direct you to more in-depth books about the subject you want to research. There are a number of surprising encyclopedias of Japanese and Japanese culture but your best bets are starting to read manga, anime, and basic encyclopattias, anime, and otaku.

Read in Mother tongue

If you are quite proficient in Japanese and are writing academic works, you can choose to add some Japanese books to your research stack. Japanese experts on manga and anime have written many books about this problem and can provide invaluable information about how this trend operates in his home country of Japan. When writing about the quotes of manga and anime from Japanese books it will greatly increase the credibility of your work and will give you a priority for researchers who only choose to include books written by western experts.

To conclude, to find the best academic books about manga and anime you have to get used to the leading experts in the field, and always check whether the book if there is enough text and a good number of quotes. Special encyclopedia tends to offer less information but expand your horizons, while books available and accessible in Japanese can be an extraordinary resource and give you an important advantage.