vivo V15 Pro Review – An Overview

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The new phone from Nokia is the Vivo V15 Pro. It’s the company’s latest offering in the UK market and is powered by Windows. The phone features Windows Mobile 7.5 installed on board and comes with an aluminum body. Nokia’s Vodafone clamshell technology allows easy access to the SIM tray and has it’s own unique power key which is very easy to use. The Vivo has no dongle, meaning you don’t have to fiddle around with the lanyard if you don’t want to. The Vivo V15 Pro comes with a six-month contract and as such, is unlocked.

This phone has a clean look and the software is fairly straightforward for any amateur user. One thing I would like to point out though, is the software lacks some key features such as camera and video recording. It’s a cheap phone though so I am not surprised. The Nokia vivo v15 pro has a nice build quality, although I did find the battery life is a little on the short side. It has a nice big battery though, so if you’re looking for a big battery then this could be a great phone for you.

If you are looking for a phone that can capture vivo v15 pro high definition video and stills, then this is a phone that you will want to take a look at. The built in camera is fantastic, it has a nice large LCD screen that makes taking pictures easier. When shooting video the Nokia vivo v15 pro’s video camera seems to work very well although, it does tend to take a little longer to focus. This phone also supports Microsoft’s Office applications, so if you were thinking about buying this phone as a professional smartphone, then the built in camera could prove a disappointment.

The built in Omegawave scanner is a lot more expensive than the one found on the vivo v15 pro but it turns out to be well worth the price. You can get the full HD camera for around $300, it has a decent amount of zoom, a nice large LCD and has a low light setting. The camera on the video v15 pro is not one that you can easily remove, meaning you need to buy an attachment that mounts onto the back of your vehicle. It has a manual focus but you can speed up the process by adjusting the focus from on-screen buttons. On the other hand, there is a low light mode that switches automatically on and off depending on whether you are in a low light situation or not. This allows you to take pictures even in total darkness.

The Nokia vivo v15 pro review ends with a mention of the phone’s video capabilities, as it is one of the most impressive. In fact, the video modes are comparable to many top phones such as the iPhone. If you can get the software that allows you to edit your videos, then you should really take advantage of it. You can select the focus, zoom and also remove red eye when it comes to the videos. The rear camera is decent too; you will find some details in the store and you can also download them straight to your phone.

Overall, the Nokia vivo v15 pro review concludes that this is a phone that is suitable for almost anyone who wants to use a smartphone with a good display and a great amount of storage. However, if you want to make the most of it, then you need to pay attention to the quality of the screen, the memory card and also the processing speed. If you live in a busy area and want to use your phone whilst walking around, the amoled model will be your best option. The bottom line is that this is an excellent smart phone.